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Be one step closer to your dream home

How you celebrate moving into your new home is up to you. Our job is to make sure you have a home loan that can make it happen. So whether it’s a bigger house or a better school zone, we’ll advise you through the ins and outs of how a great mortgage can help you in moving up the property ladder.

Be one step closer to your dream home

Here’s how we create the right mortgage for you

  1. Get the ball rolling

    We’ll meet and get to know you and your big dreams. Together, we’ll help you answer some of the big home loan questions:

    • How much can I afford?
    • Do I buy first or sell?
    • Can I keep my current house and still buy another?
    • Can I stay in my current house while I build?
    • How does ‘conditional’ buying or selling work? How does buying at auction work?
  2. Create a top-notch plan

    We’ll negotiate a cracking home loan and prepare a ready-to-go plan for you.

  3. Get you pre-approved

    We’ll get you pre-approval (or give you a clear idea of what you can borrow) so you can start making serious offers.

  4. Hit the ‘Buy now’ button

    When you’re ready to close the deal, tell us and we’ll have your deposit ready to go and documentation sorted to sign.

  5. Bring it all home

    When it’s settlement time, we’ll make sure the money transfer goes smoothly, so you can move in quickly.

  6. Build on success

    We’ll make it a habit to check-in regularly, help you get that mortgage paid off quickly, and build a long-term partnership with you. Whatever your financial goals, we’ll be there to help.

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