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Be retired with less wrinkles

Keen to retire early? Getting a mortgage for an investment property is different from buying your own home, but we’re here to help. Our advisers know investment property lending inside and out, and will have you adding to your address book in no time.

Be retired with less wrinkles

Here’s how we create the right mortgage for you

  1. Get the ball rolling

    We’ll meet, get to know you and learn what you want out of a property investment. Together, we’ll help you answer some of the big home loan questions:

    • How much can I afford?
    • What different rules apply for financing an investment property?
    • How do I manage a mortgage on more than one property?
    • I still have a mortgage on my home, will banks lend to me to invest in more property?
    • Does rental income from my investment affect what the banks will lend me? Do I need savings for a deposit?
  2. Create a top-notch plan

    We’ll work with banks, accountants, lawyers, property managers, and valuers to create a property investment plan for you.

  3. Get you pre-approved

    We’ll get you pre-approval (or give you a clear idea of what you can borrow) so you can start seriously looking at potential investments.

  4. Hit the ‘Buy now’ button

    When you’re ready to close the deal, tell us and we’ll work with the banks and the lawyers to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  5. Bring it all home

    When its settlement time, we’ll make sure the money transfer goes smoothly, so you'll have possession quickly.

  6. Help grow your portfolio

    We’ll make it a habit to check-in regularly and build a long-term partnership with you. We’ll be there to help you grow your portfolio.

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