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Because accessing capital shouldn’t be hard

Access to capital is one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses in New Zealand. Maybe you need more stock, more space, more equipment or simply cash to help maintain your working capital requirements. For those in growth mode, or looking to expand, it is especially tough. Fortunately, we have access to a range of lenders who are committed to funding Kiwi businesses through both secured and unsecured facilities. We work with them, and you, to get the best finance possible to help you grow your business. 

Here’s how we can help

  • Asset finance
  • Cashflow/ working capital finance
  • Commercial property finance
  • Vehicle and machinery finance

Asset finance

The right tool for the job can make running and growing a business so much easier. But it can come at a cost, and financing that out of your cashflow can be hard, or at least not sensible. We have access to a number of financing solutions that are perfect if you’re looking to invest in assets.  These cover all kinds of assets from a vehicle, tools, or technology through to complex and expensive machinery. 

Cashflow/ working capital finance

Ensuring you have enough money on hand to cover your day to day expenses, cover wages and keep the lights on can be a headache, but one that we can ease through cashflow or working capital financing. Perfect for those businesses who receive irregular or seasonal income, or for those managing bills while waiting for invoices to be paid. 

Commercial property financing

Whether you are looking to buy a premise to run your business or use commercial property as part of your investment strategy we can help you with funding. There are some differences between lending rules for residential and commercial property so it's important to make sure you are getting the best finance no matter what you are doing. 

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