Your team of financial experts can help you write it

What do you want? Let’s do that.  

Retire early, get rid of the mortgage, sail around the world, start that antique car collection – often things look impossible, until you do them. With a plan of action you can turn the ‘someday’ into ‘today’, and that’s where your team of Become financial experts comes in. 

We get together the best minds in mortgages, insurance, KiwiSaver and investments, to develop a cohesive strategy for working out where you’re at, what you want and how you can get it. It means when you jot down that wish-list, you’ll have a to-do list to go along with it. 

Here’s how it works 

Step 1: The Check-Up

You’ll sit down with one of our financial strategists to go over your dreams and aspirations. While we’re at it, we’ll also take a look at where you are financially. You’ll come away with a free Financial Health Check and an idea of our process, so you can decide if you want to take things further.

Step 2: Discovery

Like to keep going? Awesome. Your financial strategist will collect some more information from you and do some research, then go in-depth with you about your current financial position, your goals and what you’re doing at the moment. With a thorough understanding of your position, we can assemble your team of experts to start constructing your strategy.  

Step 3: Get around the table

There’s no one-plan-fits-all, only one-plan-fits-you. We get your team of financial experts around the table to collaborate, debate and strategise the best way forward for you – a plan that minimises risk, maximises growth and keeps things fun along the way.

Step 4: The game plan

We’ll need you back at this point, so we can take you through our thinking, show you where we expect you to end up and get your feedback, so we can tweak things before we kick off. 

Step 5: Implementation 

Now plans turn to action. Together, we’ll start implementing your plan. But since life is busy, we’ll do the heavy lifting, prepare the paperwork and make things as simple and straightforward as possible.

Step 6: Checking in

After you’ve got your to-dos (and maybe some to-don’ts), we’ll be there along the way to help you tick them off. We help coordinate, implement and manage everything, then we’ll check in regularly – that way if your life changes, your financial plan will too. 

Why us?

A team of experts

Your strategy is crafted by your team of Become financial specialists, who sit in a room and think about you. No daisy chains of emails, or multiple advisers who end up working against each other. They’re specialists who actually work together – revolutionary, right? 

Advice you can trust

Let’s get this straight: we’re not here to sell you stuff. Our focus is getting you set up to smash goals, so we’ll only recommend products and services we think you really need.

Keeping things simple

Financial planning isn’t actually as complicated as it seems. Your team of Become financial experts keeps things super simple, by using no-jargon, plain English and by only looking at big-picture stuff. We’re not going to be asking why you buy so many takeaways, or lecturing you on your coffee habit. 

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