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Be sure you’ll be providing for today and tomorrow

Having a solid investment plan in place is a great way to build for the future, but what investments should you choose, how do they work, should I focus on one or a number? All too often we see people focussing all their efforts in one area, while missing opportunities elsewhere, which is why developing an investment plan is key.

Be sure you’ll be providing for today and tomorrow

When we start working with you, we get to know your goals as well as what your appetite for risk is. Some people like to play it safe, while others are prepared to take a little risk to hopefully reap some reward. We then look to build an investment plan, that meets not only your goals but also the amount of risk you’re willing to take on.

Investments fall into what we call asset classes, some with relative low risk (like cash in the bank) and some with a little higher risk (like shares). The key is getting the right balance for you.

Which investment products and services can we help with

  • KiwiSaver
  • Financial Investments
  • Property Investment


Getting more out of KiwiSaver is easy if you know where to start, and we can help with that. Together we’ll get you on track with a KiwiSaver scheme that works hard for you, and a plan for when to review it.

Financial Investment / Securities

Outside KiwiSaver, financial markets provide a range of other funds and investments that we can access, e.g. Managed Funds. There are any number of options here for you they key again is matching you, your goals and appetite for risk, with the right investment. The benefit of many of these funds is that the money is more available to you should you decide to withdraw it, or invest it elsewhere, unlike Kiwisaver.

Property Investment

Property investment can be a great addition to your investment strategy, but can also be a headache if done wrong. We can offer a range of property investment options to you, with an underlying philosophy of making it as simple and hassle free as possible. Not many people want to become landlords, so our solutions give you all the benefits of owning investment property but minimise all the hassle of having tenants. 

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