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Before you go skydiving, protect what’s important

Kiwis love life. And we all want to look after what we have - our family, our finances and our possessions. But what insurance do you actually need and how much? If you’ve been thinking about updating your insurance, had a change in circumstance (e.g. new house, had a baby, started a business), or if your insurance is simply weighing you down, let us help you get cover that gives you security without breaking the bank.

Which insurance products and services you we help with

  • For your life – life insurance, accidental death cover, funeral cover 
  • For your income – income protection insurance, disability income, mortgage repayment insurance 
  • For your health – Health insurance, critical illness, crisis cover, serious condition cover, serious trauma, total and permanent disablement.


Life insurance 

If the worst happens, having the right life insurance in place is critical to ensure your family and legacy is taken care of. 

We work with you to calculate the right level of cover considering things like the amount of income that will be lost over time and the amount of debt you have. We build a plan so that the people you love are well prepared in the future, and we make sure you are getting the best deal now so you aren’t spending more now than you should be. 

Funeral Cover

Having something in place to cover funeral costs provides the reassurance that should you pass away your loved ones won’t have to worry about the costs of the funeral at a time when they’d least like that pressure.


Income protection insurance

One of your most important assets is your ability to earn an income. Income protection insurance comes in different forms and exists to ensure that you still have money coming in even if you can’t work. 

Disability Income Total and permanent disablement

Suffering a serious disablement, (like being disabled so that you are unable to work again) can have serious consequences on your ability to earn money. Disability insurance covers you for that and will pay out a lump sum to help ease the immediate financial pressure, or enable you to create a regular income stream, however you choose to use it. 

Mortgage Repayment Insurance

Mortgage repayment insurance gives you the certainty that should you (or your partner) pass away, or be unable to meet mortgage payments, those payments will be taken care of. 


Trauma or critical Illness

Suffering a significant health incident (like a heart attack or cancer) can seriously impact your short and long term ability to earn money, but also put immediate pressure on your finances. Trauma or critical illness insurance means that your short to medium financial obligations can be partally or fully taken care of, easing that immediate financial pressure.

Health & Medical

In New Zealand we are blessed with a fantastic public health system available to all, but healthcare doesn’t come without it’s costs (prescriptions, Drs visits, scans etc), and in some cases can mean waiting a while for a public appointment to come up. With private health insurance this can be minimised and in many cases completely covered, so you never have to worry about surprise costs, or have to suffer through a lengthy wait to be seen to.

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