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Because family come first

Life moves fast these days and it’s easy to forget to have the correct structures in place to ensure what you’re building now will be there to enjoy in the future. Often we plan around leaving a legacy for our loved ones, and with estate planning you can ensure this happens.

In addition to helping you grow your wealth for the future, we have a team dedicated to protecting and preserving that wealth as you see fit. By understanding where you are now, and what you see as important in the future we can recommend how you should structure this, and help you manage it.

Here’s how we can help with

  • Assist with managing Relationship Property
  • Help set up Trusts, companies, partnerships
  • Help set up Wills 
  • Help with setting up Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA)

Relationship property

This is the property that becomes available for equal share when a relationship splits up. Managing this process can be stressful and complicated, and we can help facilitate this and alleviate some of that pressure for you.


If you’re looking to protect your family’s wealth for generations to come, a trust is an excellent way to do this. Setting them up correctly in the first place and having them well managed is key. Our team can recommend the best approach for you.


These can be incredibly simple, or as complex as you desire, but the important thing is, you have documented what you would like done with your assets, should you pass on.

Ensuring Power of Attorney (EPOA)

Life throws up all kinds of twists and turns, and should something unfortunate happen it is important to have someone you trust take responsibility for your key decisions should you not be able to.

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