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Before you go skydiving, protect what’s important

Kiwis love life. And we all want to look after what we have - our family, our finances and our possessions. But what insurance do you actually need and how much? If you’ve been thinking about updating your insurance, had a change in circumstance (e.g. new house, had a baby, started a business), or if your insurance is simply weighing you down. Now is a great time to speak to one of our insurance advisers.

Protect Compressor

What do you want to protect?

Let us know what’s important to you and we’ll help with the rest.

We’ll make insurance work for you

  1. A plan that’s all about you

    Before we tailor a plan, we get to know you and learn what’s important - so you can protect what matters and still afford to live your life now.

  2. We keep things simple

    We use language you understand and give you options that you can easily act on.

  3. Support when you need it most

    Claims can be stressful. We get that, so we handle them for you. You relax, and we’ll do the running around.

  4. We play the long-game

    We make it a habit to check-in regularly and build a partnership for the long-term. Because as life changes so too should your insurance. 

  5. Insurance experts who only do insurance.

    Our specialist insurance advisers don’t do mortgages and investments. They do insurance and that’s it. They’re insurance experts who will find you the right mix of insurance for today and tomorrow.

They made the process super easy for us and we couldn't have done it without them. I would definitely recommend Become to anyone and everyone I know.
Sally Chang and Paul Burt - Bishopdale

Do you just want to talk to someone now?

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