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Because you worked hard for what you own

You’ve worked hard for what you own. And it’s worth protecting. That’s where a smart insurance plan can really help. Our advisers know how different policies can play nicely together, so that we keep your costs down, and your cover up.

Because you worked hard for what you own

We help protect your property with products such as:

  1. Home Insurance

    Your home is your biggest asset, so let’s protect it properly. We’ll work with valuers and insurers to ensure you’ve got enough cover and getting the best deal.

  2. Contents Insurance

    What’s in your home costs money to replace too – and probably more than you think. We’ll help you work it all out and get the cover that suits you.

  3. Car Insurance

    You love your car… so too does the person you just bumped into. And that’s why you’ll love the insurance that we’ll sort out for you.

  4. Boat Insurance

    If it’s on the water, we can find the right insurance product for it — whether it’s a motor boat, jet ski or a yacht.

Here’s how we make protecting your property easy

  1. Get to know you

    We’ll talk a little - and listen a lot - to learn what really matters to you.

  2. Plan it out

    We’ll create a personalised insurance plan that protects what matters – and your wallet.

  3. Simplify the fine print

    We’ll go over the nitty-gritty details and answer all your questions in plain-Kiwi.

  4. Give the thumbs up

    Say go and we’ll get the paper work sorted, so you can relax.

  5. Check-in for a cuppa

    We’ll regularly review your cover together - because when life changes, your cover should too.

  6. How do I claim?

    If you to make a claim, we’ll be there to help. We know exactly what needs to be done to get your claim paid quickly.

Do you just want to talk to someone now?

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