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Because family always comes first

Life is for living, not worrying. That’s our approach. Our advisers help you answer the big “what-ifs”, and deal with them head-on with a simple and practical insurance plan. Because when you know your family is protected, you can get on with living life to the full.

Because family always comes first

When’s a good time to chat insurance?

  1. Having kids

    Your family is growing, and so are your responsibilities. Make sure the future is protected.

  2. Shacking up or breaking up

    It’s not just your Facebook status that needs updating when your relationship changes. We should talk about your insurance too.

  3. Getting healthy

    Getting healthy is great and can mean a reduction in your insurance premiums or better terms, we can review what you have now and check if there are better options. 

Here’s how we make protecting your family easy

  1. Get to know you

    We’ll talk a little - and listen a lot - to learn what really matters to you and your family.

  2. Answer your big questions

    • Do I want my mortgage cleared for my partner or children?
    • I run a business – do I have responsibilities to my employees?
    • Do I or my family need my income covered for a period of time?
    • Who should my insurance be paid to?
  3. Plan it out

    We’ll create a personalised insurance plan that protects what matters – and your wallet.

  4. Simplify the fine print

    We’ll go over the nitty-gritty details and answer all your questions in plain-Kiwi.

  5. Give the thumbs up

    Say go and we’ll get the paper work sorted, so you can relax.

  6. Check-in for a cuppa

    We’ll regularly review your cover together - because when life changes, your cover should too.

We will help protect you and your family with a quality affordable plan that can include insurance products such as life insurance, income protection, trauma insurance, total and permanent disablement insurance, health insurance and other added benefits.

Do you just want to talk to someone now?

Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM
10 Walker Street, Christchurch